Covid_19 Interactive Map

For all those who want to keep updated during this time of crisis , here is a link the live John Hopkins Interactive map , which details each individuals counties cases, deaths and recoveries of Corona virus

10 Happy headlines to give you hope!

While coronavirus is spreading around the globe, there are also pockets of good news that are being overshadowed by the doom and gloom. So here, to put some perspective on the pandemic, are

10 Happy headlines to give you hope!


1.Fish and Swans Return to Venice’s Canals as Italy’s Lockdown Leaves the Water Uncannily Pristine


2.More than 500,000 people sign up to be NHS volunteers


3.Coronavirus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution


4.Elton John And Co. Host Live Concert


5.Formula One Makes Breathing Aids For NHS


6.Germany Helps Out Italy And France


7.Dip in number of deaths from coronavirus in Italy fuels hope that outbreak may have peaked


8.Plasma from newly recovered patients from Covid -19 can treat others infected by Covid-19



9.Apple reopens all 42 China stores


10.A 103-year-old Chinese grandmother has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after being treated for six days in Wuhan, China.


Only through helping each other through this uncertain time will we emerge as a stronger nation on the other side. We at ESSENTIAL know that there is strength in numbers, so lets work together and not be a statistic

Essential Hosts”Understanding the Retail Customer” training course at Site 66

Towards the end of last year W & R Seta presented a grant of R18 000 per retail company registered with W & R Seta, for the training of 2 staff members within the Essential Group

E-Training Academy in partnership with Relate-Ed as training provider, developed 2 retail training courses, namely; –   Understanding the Retail Customer and Understand the Basics of Retail Operations.

The opportunity for training 2 staff members was offered to all Essential Members, the training cost and all other associated costs was included.

 The first training course – Understanding the Retail Customer started on the 2nd and 3rd March, whilst the second training course on – Understand the Basics of Retail Operations will be on the 9th and 10th  March.

 We have the following members in attendance: Nigel U-Build, Bargain House Hardware, Elcarbo Hardware, Graaf Reinet Hardware, Plusten and Essential Head Office.